About Us

We are Karen and Kristy Ambrose, we met on tinder. Kidding! We are twins just kicking it in Nashville.

Over the years, we have realized that being a twin is an extremely rare and special gift. Twins are blessed to walk through life together, so we make every day a celebration!

Between the two of us and our beloved girlfriends we have seen and heard it ALL when it comes to dating. The cool part about our advice? Well, we are able to combine both of our experiences into one sound voice. Essentially we have twice the years, and twice the experience in the dating world, which helps us relate to our readers on every aspect of dating today. Unlike experts, parents, and older mentors, we know what its like to date with Facebook, Instagram, texting, etcetera because we are living it every single day. We hope to help girls just like us navigate the tough world that is now our dating reality.

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