Post Breakup Games: Fight or Flight


Our generation sure does seem to thrive on the drama post breakup.

Whether someone moves on right away posting all over the social medias, or someone plays the ignore game, or if accidental “run ins” are staged, the options are endless for how exes seem to stir the pot on their failed relationship.

Surprisingly enough, how we as individuals react in these situations is not really based on our exes at all. How we choice to react comes down to our basic physiology:fight or flight.

Your fight or flight response is triggered in situations that are perceived as harmful or threatening. Seeing your ex that you probably still care about with someone else fits quite comfortably in that definition.

So, without further blabber, read our take on what goes through your mind (fight or flight wise) when you are deep in the throes with drama with an ex.

Post Breakup Games: Fight Or Flight