When Your Significant Other Goes to Vegas

When Your Significant Other Goes to Vegas…

We are pretty sure we’ve all been here on this one.. whether you are officially dating someone, or just “talking” to someone, there’s no beating around the bush, when they go to Vegas it sucks. It gives you a gut wrenching feeling and you’re filled with worry.

Why? Because you’ve either been to Vegas, seen and participated in inappropriate shenenigans, OR, you haven’t been but you are all too familiar with the reputation Vegas trips have.

Personally, we think Vegas is where relationships go to die. And yes, that means you’re relationship might die because of this trip. We have broken down how you can prepare, hopefully resulting in a worry free weekend and a saved relationship!


Acceptance is the first step in the process. This will come in two forms.

First- you have to accept that he/she is going to vegas. They are going, and you can’t do anything about it. During their stay they will probably talk to people of the opposite sex and probably do things they would not do if you were there. There are things you will never find out, and honestly you’re better off not knowing. Remember, Vegas isn’t the only city people cheat in. If someone is that insistent on cheating they could just save themselves the air fare and do it at home!

The second part of acceptance is- you need to accept the fact that nothing you do that weekend will be better then Vegas. We don’t know how many friends have said, “my boyfriend is in vegas we have to do something sooo fun this weekend”. It is common sense that Vegas is very fun! (Like, duh!) Not to mention if you’re planning a weekend in an attempt to “out fun” Vegas, odds are the entire time you are going to be pretending to have fun while secretly worrying and stalking the social networks. You are honestly better off taking it easy, (alcohol is a depressant after all) and actually enjoying a dinner, a movie, or just the company of a friend.

Stay away from the social networks

Pictures can be incredibly deceiving and they automatically look “worse” if they are taken in Vegas. You will drive yourself crazy constantly clicking the refresh button waiting for pictures and posts in hopes of figuring out what he/she is doing. And you know what? You are crazy if you do that! Even if you find a picture of them on the Encore Beach Club facebook site, what would yourgame plan be? Call them screaming and be like, “I saw a shady picture of you! WTF?!” Odds are if you placed such a call it would result in a fight, you would be called crazy and then your significant other is not only in Vegas, but they are in Vegas AND mad at you. You do not want that! You’re only hurting yourself by looking at the social networks.

Leave them alone

The best thing that you can do is let your significant other alone to have fun with their friends. They are on a vacation; a getaway from their normal lives. If they return to their phone to find 20 missed calls and texts, they 100% will not be missing you and wishing you were there. If they come back and find just one text, or none, (They probably were expecting something, right?) they will think of you, miss you, and respect you for not being all over their shit while they are there. Keeping your calm is key.

So all in all, the basic things to keep in mind are; accept they are in vegas and it is out of your control, accept that there is no activity you can do to top the vegas weekend, stay away from the social networks, and keep your calm. You can do it, its probably just a quick 72 hours and it will all be over. If all else fails, coming from Vegas veterans, there are more douchey guys and girls there than anything!