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We have always been inspired by women who go after their dreams and do not look back. Too frequently, we think that we are wasting the best years of our lives behind desks at jobs we aren’t passionate about wondering what else we could better spend our time doing. There is a huge difference between those of us who leave it as daydreams and those of us who actually go out and DO what they want. This is exactly why we wanted to chat with the beautiful and successful Ivey Childers. She is the owner, creator, and mastermind behind IveyCake. She crafted our birthday cake this year, and it was by far the best birthday cake we’ve had to date. Try her vanilla- it is THE BEST. Beyond the deliciousness of IMG_0890 (1)her cupcakes and cakes, Ivey is an inspiration and absolutely amazing person.

So how did she get her start? Similar to us, as a young woman living alone and new to the workforce, Ivey started to experiment in the kitchen. We love trying new recipes, so we were eager to figure out how Ivey got from these small experiments in her apartment to a booming business. Ivey attributes her success to dedicating hours, weeks and months testing new recipes and measurements. Each new flavor or concoction was a challenge that she wanted to meet, or an equation she wanted to solve. The thing we love most about her start is that she wasn’t afraid to fail. She didn’t sweat it if something didn’t work out or if she had to throw away a whole batch. She’d simply start fresh the next time around. What a great attitude!

Ivey started to bring her cookies, cakes, cupcakes, etc. to parties or to work as she began to figure out her very own recipes. From there, people began to give her requests for parties or social events. At that point, Ivey knew that she had figured something out that other people found valuable. Knowing this motivated her to continue to create amazing baked goods.IMG_0891

After throwing her sisters baby shower, she was offered a storefront space by the Mercantile Deli in Franklin. When she opened her storefront in Franklin, it was time to finally call it quits on the traditional 8-5 and make her business her own. Without having a business major, she learned how to start a business while still doing all of the baking and manning the retail.  Meanwhile, she had already had her first wholesale opportunity through Picnic in BelleMeade. We can’t help but wonder if she had time to sleep! At this point we had to ask- “were you absolutely terrified to quit and start a business all on your own!?!”. Ivey is a self-proclaimed planner, and was so busy preparing and getting her business going that she wasn’t able to get scared. The switch from people enjoying her baking to her needing them to enjoy her baking was palpable however.

Ivey received recognition from People magazine when she baked for Carrie Underwood’s wedding. When People hit shelves that day she sold about 500 cupcakes; unheard of for a bakery her size! After that she saw the need to expand to a space that had her own kitchen and more room to create, which lead her to open her Brentwood location.

In retrospect, it is ironic that all along Ivey had never been money driven by her baking. She had never started her journey with “I want to own a bakery” as her goal. She admits she never even intended to network her baking in the early days, she just wanted to share her work with people who may enjoy it. She truly followed her passion and it took her to great success. Have you ever heard the phrase “do what you love and the money will follow?”. Ivey is is living evidence of that.

            So basically we love her! Her story is inspiring as she started her business from the beginning and still plays an active role in the creation of new flavors and baking methods. The years of experimenting, testing, and working at this have made IveyCake the success that it is today. Hard work, determination, and cultivating your passions can truly lead to amazing things. So we now we ask, what is holding you back?!