Holiday Table Decor Inspo!


by: kristy

Christmas dinner is traditionally hosted at our parents house. Beyond celebrating one of our favorite holidays, it is also a celebration for our beautiful mother, as it is her birthday.

I don’t know where I get it from, but I have always loved home decor/decorating etc etc! Because of this, I am usually consulted about table settings and holiday decor. This year, I wanted to make our holiday table for fifteen people truly special because it was a big birthday for my mom (don’t worry momma, not gonna write your age!)

Anyways, I asked her what kind of theme she wanted and the rest I would take care of! She requested a silver and gold theme, and that is just what I set out to deliver her!

If anyone reading this is a crafty type, you understand that decor and table settings can get pricy quickly! I hoped to remain under a $100 because I feel like spending more than that is kind of absurd for one table for ONE night.

For the first time in my lifetime probably, I remained under budget at $91! A lot of this was thanks to using my moms table cloths, china, silverware, and glassware. Reusing flatware and dishes are really key in the effort to keep costs down.


I wanted to start out finding the centerpieces anIMG_1588d the garlands. I am a huge proponent of candles, they enhance every table. Basically, the more candles the more the better! I chose 3 taller white candles and 3 shorter ones to alternate, and purchased a huge pack of tea lights. I placed circular mirrors under the bigger candles so as not to have the wax right on the tablecloth. Also the mirrors help to illuminate the light from the tea lights!

IMG_1580I wanted to make the table a little more three dimensional, so I found branches that were spray painted silver and gold with glitter. I thought, Perfect! To adorn these branches I found silver and gold ornaments to scatter around.


IMG_1582For the place settings I did NOT want to buy fifteen place mats. I found silver and gold cardstock in huge sheets. I measured out and cut the cardstock and alternated colors on the table.

I also did NOT want to buy fifteen napkin holders, and lets be honest sometimes doing napkin oragami looks awful. So, I decided to make name cards and tie them around the napkins with ribbon. Super easy, and way cheap!

IMG_1579For the name cards I found super glitterysilver and gold paper and then printed out the names on paper. I cut and pasted the paper on the glitter paper and voila! This was honestly the most time consuming part of preparing this table.

Every time I leave the craft store I worry so bad that I forgot a huge component, and that it won’t all come together as beautifully as I imagined. I was really stressing about it this time because stores aren’t open on Christmas, leaving no back up options!

After seeing it all lit up I was definitely pleased with the way it came together! It looked gorgeous! Although this was probably the lengthiest and most boring story to some, I hope any fellow crafty girls can find some use in this! Until the next event!