Holiday Season = Engagement Season

It’s the holidays, and love is in the air. This also means new engagements are popping up everywhere. Unfortunately for you, this could mean your ex got engaged.

The severity of this situation strictly depends on how over said ex you are. For this articles sake, let’s assume worst case scenario here, you aren’t over him, at all.

So what do you? What goes through your mind?

First and foremost you want all the details. You want to know everything, literally EVERYTHING. Where did it happen? What time of day was it? Did he cry? Did he kneel? What does the ring look like? What was she wearing?(You secretly hope he surprised her so much she was in a horrible outfit and no makeup). Was family there? Did anything go wrong? And the questions continue…

After getting all the information you possibly can, your next move is to talk about it to everyone that is willing to lend an ear. Hell, even your starbucks barista knows his and her names and their future wedding date. By telling everyone your sorrows, they want to help you, causing your life to become a flourish of mixed messages and mixed suggestions for action.

Some people will tell you “if you don’t act now..”. Everyone has a friend of a friends cousin that stopped their true loves wedding and wants to put that illogical idea into your sensitive and vulnerable mind. Say NO! There are SEVERAL problems with this suggestion. Yes, it is kind of a do or die situation when a rock is on another girls finger and there is an impending “I do” date. But the flip side is, if you pop out of the woodwork proclaiming all these feelings to the guy, you are absolutely going to look like a nutcase. Maybe one time out of a million the guy really reciprocates those feelings back to you. Bottom line you’re gonna be even more hurt.

Second suggestion: go on a date. Um. No. If you go out fresh off the “holy shit my ex is engaged” swirl, we bet you’re gonna end up talking about your ex (a classic no-no on dates). Additionally, the poor guy that took you out has no shot at winning your affection because when it comes to love your mind is 100% focused on your ex and his impending nuptials.

Lastly, you might hear to ride out the storm. This is absolutely the most frustrating suggestion of all. But what choice do you really have? While you ride out this storm wine is going to be really helpful. Spending time with girlfriends is an absolute must, they may want to kill you for the adamant focus on your ex and what bridal store you heard his future wife was spotted. But guess what, they’re your girlfriends for a reason, and they’ll love you post engagement shock.

We wish we had some strong words of positivity and wisdom to give you about this situation, but really we do not. So, from us Ambrose girls to you, hang in there girl. It’s gonna suck for awhile, but in the meantime you have family, friends, and wine to rely on to get you through the holiday season!