On a recent girls night out, the topic of letting yourself fall in love came up. It’s pretty hard to jump into a relationship head over heels isn’t it?

For those of you who have taken the plunge into the pool of love without thinking twice, I’m with ya! That is so so me!

However, a lot of us aren’t like that, at all…those cautious hearts are like my darling sister, Karen.. Below is an email I wrote her a long long time ago to encourage her to just go for it when she liked a guy.. This might also help you!


Dear Kar,

So I know you have some trouble letting yourself fall when it comes to a guy. I decided last night to write you this letter, but didn’t want to do it in bed when my lights were off cause my phone is toO bright. Anyways, I want to help.

To help you learn how to fall, and be okay, I think you need an experts advice. And that expert is me, duh.

As you are well aware, I fall for someone so fast, I let my heart take over all rhyme and reason and just go for it. Yes, this has caused me a lot of pain over the years, but I can honestly tell you that I have never once regretted letting myself fall for someone, not once. It is scary as shit though, but you are robbing yourself of amazing experiences if you keep your guard up and are scared.

Let me break it down for you.

By letting my guard down, even really fast, sometimes slower, pending the situation, I have experienced and felt things I never even knew I could. When you let yourself fall everything gets better and you feel warm and fuzzy from the inside out (cheesy I know, but no better way to describe it). Not just the warm and fuzzy butterflies you get when you first like someone and you are flirting. It is more, you feel some sort of connection in your heart and soul and honestly everything is better. Eye contact makes you melt, a kiss feels like it means way more then it did even in the initial liking excitement kisses, all interaction with him is amazing and you feel so connected to another person.

So those are my reasons to let go, because trust me, even though you say you have or have gotten close to it, and I think so too, you haven’t fully fully opened up and just dove head over heels at a boy situation.

Furthermore to support my argument I will play devils advocate. The worst thing that can happen is that you get hurt 🙁
Yes, this would suck and be awful, but here is how you should look at it from where you are now. If this happens, it’s gonna happen. Worrying about it right now is not productive OR helpful to your mind and spirit. Also. Experiences like this, letting go and giving yourself to someone allows you to look back on the relationship and gives you the freedom to know that you gave it everything you could, you were there 100% and were hopefully 100% you. When you do this, you can look back with no regrets on your own actions involving the situation.

Lastly, I have been hurt so bad like, um, 30 times now? But regardless, every hurt, every burn I appreciate and you should too. These losers that have hurt us have helped to form who we are, and they get us ready for the men that we are truly meant to be with. Letting yourself experience as much as possible helps you grow and learn, not only about yourself, but about what you want and what you need for a long term relationship.

So basically, if it goes awry I will be there, and you will learn and grow from it. Don’t worry about anything, you should be nothing but happy and excited at this time. Throw the worries to the wind princess and jump on in head over heels, I’m telling you it’s worth it!

I love you! Have a good day!