My Love Affair With Avocados

My Love Affair with Avocados

by: Kristy

The most heartbreaking thing I have ever read is that the appropriate portion size for avocado is about ⅕ of an avocado. As a girl who was used to half of an avocado on everything, this was devastating news. I love avocados, on everything. However, I haven’t always. Let me share with you how my love affair began and flourished over the years.

I was about thirteen years old, and was at a Fourth of July party hosted by a family friend of ours. The party was during the day and everyone was bopping in and out of the house to picnic tables with their red plastic plates filled with various foods. I couldn’t help but notice that among the macaroni salad and burgers, a lot of the plates had a glob of green goo on them with a side of tortilla chips. I simply asked;

“what’s that?”

a question my mom answered,

“Guacamole hunny, you should try it.” leaning over with a chip with a small amount of this goo on top.

As I took my bite, it was as if my tastebuds had met a true counterpart, a soulmate.

Throughout the following years I would attend family parties, and events hoping and praying there would be guacamole for me to reunite with. (my mom never made it!) If I got so lucky as to find a guacamole bowl, you sure as hell could find me posted up next to it for as long as possible, or until it was finished.

I was perfectly content with finding my guacamole at these events. I figured this would be the extent of my relationship with the divine green goo, but when Chipolte opened, everything changed. I excitedly ordered a side of chips and guac that first fateful trip and after just one bite,  Mind. Blown.

Chipolte’s guacamole was like nothing I had ever experienced. It was salty, it was a little spicy, it was fresh. It was filled with red onion which I didn’t even think I liked! I would gladly pay the extra $1.25 to have it topped on my burrito and sometimes even splurged to get a side of it as well!

As I got older and more experienced in the kitchen, I tried to make my own version of Guacamole, based mainly off of how Chipolte’s tasted. After a few trial runs, I had perfected my master recipe. I have been making this for years now, and let me tell you, it is a crowd pa-leaser!

Okay so back to me and cooking. As I started to get seasoned on it I would read a lot online about healthy versions of recipes. A lot of things call for avocado as a substitute for butter or oil. In my mind I was like;

“hmm, well I like guacamole, so it’s worth a shot!”

After trying a few recipes, and even throwing some avocado on wraps, I officially became an addict. I had read that yes, avocado’s are indeed a fat, but a healthy fat. I constantly justified this point in my mind as I found any reason to put avocado on whatever I was eating. I even found a recipe for avocado toast!

My daily menu was as follows, always, every day;

Breakfast: eggs with avocado slices.

Lunch: half an avocado with chicken and  veggies over lettuce.

Dinner: fish and a salad with avocado or some sort of quinoa, rice, or noodle dish; didn’t matter what it was, somehow I would tie avocado in as a component of the recipe.

I was buying about 4-5 avocados in one week. I had learned to be an expert in avocado picking at the store. I could perfectly map out by touch in how many days an avocado would be at optimal ripeness so that by the end of the week I still had some ripe avocados. I wouldn’t bat an eyelash at the $9 or $12 charges on my grocery bill for the week about my avocados, because they just made me so damn happy.

I didn’t realize how bad I had gotten until Karen told me that she would go through maybe 1 avocado in a week. At first my reaction to her was;

“HUH?! how?”

As shocked as Karen left me, she got me thinking. I have always known she is a super healthy eater, and she is really smart, so maybe I should dig into the correct servings of avocado. I had told myself it would only put my mind at ease that I was consuming perfectly acceptable amounts.

This is when I found out the devastating news. A half of an avocado on a salad, does not an acceptable serving size make. I knew I had to change my ways. I’m always an advocate for healthy eating, and although avocados weren’t hurting me, they also weren’t helping me. There really is such thing as too much of a good thing.

It took about a month, but I have finally weaned myself down to 2 avocado’s per week. Both my wallet, and my stomach are feeling a little lighter due to this change.

After recovering from my avocado addiction, I am happy with my decision to stick to the accurate serving size, (although sometimes I go over it, Eff it!).  I would never deny myself a food I love, especially avocados. Holding yourself back from a true food love can make you cranky and drive you crazy! So my lesson here is; eat what you love, just make sure you’re doing it in the proper doses!

See our guacamole recipe on the recipes page!

Tip from the addict– If you slice an avocado in half and run it under cold water for 10 seconds- (green side up) and store in a ziploc bag or tupperware, it stays green longer!