Meditation #1

Us Ambrose girls thoroughly believe in meditation! When done effectively,  the benefits are amazing! We have experienced positive results in our overall happiness, our ability to handle stressors, and MUCH better sleep.

Beneficial, absolutely! However, meditation is super hard to get into. To be able to meditate you have to learn how to turn your brain OFF. We are from a generation where our minds are in a million places at all times. We watch tv while browsing on our phones, we listen to music while we do our work, we carry on conversations in person while texting, and on and on, you get what we mean. Turning off our brains is not a strong suit for us.

We will help walk you through your first mediation below, although it is really just a starter exercise for your mind. It’s a good place to begin learning how to turn your brain off which will eventually lead to successful meditations.

First, you need to choose a location that is secluded, free of distraction, and is super quiet. (if you live alone you can do this at home) No matter where you choose, make sure that nothing will interrupt you for five whole minutes. That means; no alarms, tvs, phones, people, etc. and yes, throw your cell in a drawer on silent if you have to!

Next you will want to get yourself comfortable, whether its indian style, laying down, corpse pose, does not matter, whatever feels most comfortable to you!

As you get in your comfy pose,  focus your mind and remind yourself that nothing else matters for the next 5 minutes. Your to-do list is on hold, your stressors are on the back burner, and nothing will interrupt you or enter your mind for the entirety of your meditation. Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths, in and out, acknowledging your breathing,  making each breath very blatant.

After you count those ten breaths keep your eyes closed and continue to breath as you were. Try and put all of your mind power toward your deep breaths and focus only on the next breath, whether it is in or out. Connect with your body and how it feels during each breath. Continue this until all you can think about is your breathing.

Once you feel as though your breathing and your head have settled, that’s it! Your first exercise has been accomplished and you can return to your normal life.

It might take a few times to really be able calm your mind and think of nothing besides breathing. But that’s completely okay!  It takes time and practice, and this first exercise, calming your mind is going to be the hardest hurdle on the way to meditating! Do yourself a favor and do not give up, keep at it until you can relax your mind, you will know when it is working, it feels amazing!

More meditations are on the way!